Every story matters

Find a place where you can live your story as it's meant to be.


Teen moms need to know they are not alone

  1. Too manyteen moms are isolated and overlooked
  2. Mentors welcome teen moms with open arms and walk alongside them.
  3. Teen moms—and their kids—get to experience thee fun, freedom, and life that once seemed lost.


Helping local kids find true life

  1. We enter​ the world of kids and walk alongside them in an exciting and exhausting world.
  2. We share the hope of who kids can become and how life was designer to be.
  3. We kids experience true hope and life to the full.


Walking with middle school kids as they ache for acceptance

  1. Middle school kids are at a crossroads and anxious to carve out their own​ identities.
  2. Young life leaders walk with kids in an overwhelming and amazing world.
  3. Kids get to be kids​ while learning what life is about.


College kids need hope as they face an uncertain future.

  1. We reach out​ to the thousands of college kids who face big decisions and are on their own—and often, alone.
  2. We build them up through relationships with adults who offer hope and purpose to anxious young people.
  3. We launch them as leaders to participate in God's mission in the world.

Club Beyond

Military kids need hope as they face changing circumstances.

  1. We reach out.​ Young Life Military has been ministering to military kids for almost 50 years.
  2. We walk teens and their families to help them face unique and challenging aspects of military life.
  3. We stick around as military kids often attend four to six different schools by their senior year.


Let's celebrate kids of all abilities

  1. We invite​ and celebrate kids who often aren't seen by those around them.
  2. Young people of all abilities want fun, adventure, and to find purpose.
  3. Every kid gets a shot at life to the fullest.

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